Functional Healthcare Solutions

Revived Spirit, Renewed Mind, Restored Health. Romans 12:2

Simple approaches to health management make a big difference.

At Functional Healthcare Solutions, we believe that the body was created to be self-regulating and self-healing. We empower you to revive your spirit, renew your mind, and restore your health. Our faith-driven approach integrates mental health, spiritual healing, and environmental consciousness, ensuring a personalized path to wellness.

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Where We Come In

We help people with chronic symptoms of inflammation, IBS, bloating, brain fog and anxiety improve their health and wellness through functional medicine nurse coaching.  
If you're tired of feeling sick and tired all the time, we're here to help. 

Chronic Health Problems

Improving Overall Health

Alternative Approaches

Learn More About How We Can Support Your Health Journey

Take Time to Learn About Your Current Health and Decide On A New, Healthier Direction...

  • Review Your Health Goals
  • Discuss Your Options
  • Offer Support and Education
  • Provide Roadmap Back to Health

What We Do

We take a holistic approach to wellness, considering factors such as nutrition, sleep, stress, and physical activity. Our coaching programs are designed to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes that will improve your overall health and wellbeing. We'll:

  • Do an in-depth health history
  • Assess current health status
  • Identify the cause of undesirable symptoms
  • Develop goals and create an easy to follow action plan
  • Guide implementation and provide support and accountability

Our Coaching & Membership Approaches

Our coaching approach is designed to help you identify the root causes of your symptoms and develop personalized strategies to improve your health and wellness over the long term. Our team of experienced functional medicine nurses are experts in the latest research and techniques in the field. We work with you to understand your unique health challenges, and to develop a personalized plan to help you feel your best. Whether through changes to your diet, exercise routine, stress management, or other areas, we'll help you find the best strategies for you and individuale a plan to works.

Why Functional Medicine?

It Works

Our current system of sick care is broken and reactive,  treating symptoms with medications that cause more symptoms.

It's Customized

No cookie cutter care and one size fits all diagnostics and treatments. Our coaching creates a plan that is just for you.

It's Sustainable

Create lasting change that cascades to every area of life. Our coaching roadmap helps create a clear plan for gradual lifestyle and habit changes.

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